COMPANY Est 1969

2019 marks our 50th year making surfboards. Carabine Surf Designs is a speciality custom surfboard manufacturer based in Wollongong NSW. Carabine was founded by Mick Carabine in 1969, with boards bearing the Carabine Logo in production ever since. Carabine Surfboards is the only one of the many original board manufacturers from the 60’s left in the Gong. Carabine is a major part of the local surf community sponsoring local Boardriders clubs and surfing events.

In 2011 Mick decided 42 years was enough and sold the business to Shane Hornby, a local surfer and businessman, he relished in the idea of continuing this local iconic surf label. Shane has introduced computerised CAD design to surfboard design and invested in a computerised shaping machine that has streamlined the surfboard production process bringing the business into the modern era of surfboard production.

Today the Carabine team is proud to run an independent surf shop dedicated to quality and performance. Dedicated local staff manufacturing boards for our local community, Our Wollongong operation consists of factory and showroom displaying numerous new boards, as well as used boards and other surf hardware from the industries leading brands.

The Carabine staff, make up some of the most experienced board builders in Australia. With 50 years of experience in making custom surfboards, you learn to pick the right materials, all surfboards are not the same quality.


We use foam from 2 of Australia’s leading providers in surfboard blank producers. Dion Chemicals or Bennett Surfboards and South Shore Foam. We glass all our boards with Great White Glass from the US and laminate with the best resins from FGI and we only install genuine fin systems from FCS and Futures.

Put all this together with 50 years of shaping and glassing knowledge and you get the best board for your hard earned bucks.

Performance is Everything but we do our best in making them last.

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